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Chairman: Paul Stevens

Email: paul@south-stoke-angling-club.co.uk

Tel: 07917 863289


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For this section we hope to obtain a collection of old photographs, documents and stories from the early days of South Stoke Angling Club and its members over the years.


If you have any memorabilia tucked away in shoe box under the bed please let Paul Stevens have them temporarily and we will scan and upload here (having removed any personal data required)

Our first entry (with a small quiz) ...

John Phipps (President - South Stoke Angling Club) presenting the prizes to ???? in c 1982
John Phipps (President - South Stoke Angling Club) presenting the prizes to ???? in c 1982

c 1982 (and the village hall hasn't changed much) , this was the club's awards night.


The gentleman in the grey suit is obviously the club's long time President John Phipps - but WHO IS THE CHERUBIC YOUTH RECEIVING THE JUNIOR CUP (and other assorted silverware) ?


Answer to be published at the end of the month ...... it's Bryan (still winning trophies in 2014 - The Perch & Pike Cup)

Who has the oldest membership card ...

The first offering comes from current club Chairman, Paul, Stevens, with his junior membership card (all 6 pages of it) from 1979:

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Not quite as old (or extensive) - from 1982/83 season ...

... again double click on an image for the full size carousel. Was he really still a junior in 1982?

Its gone high tec' for 2015/16 ...

... 2015/16 members get to flaunt their 'gold card' (membership applications and renewals now available 'on line')

South Stoke fishing waters for South Stoke Residents ...

Although South Stoke Angling Club has a long history, it has at times waned and not always been in full control of access to the the village's fishing waters.


As you can see here - for the 1962/63 season our current fishing stretch was listed by the London Anglers Association in their handbook (together with their current stretch to the North of South Stoke) and South Stoke residents would need to join them to enjoy the village's own fishing access.

South Stoke fishing rights listed by London Anglers Association in 1962

It was, to a great part, the danger of this happeing again in 2014 that spurred the current committee into rejuvenating the South Stoke Angling Club and it is the number one priority of the club to maintain this beautiful fishing stretch in the middle of the village for the benefit of South Stoke and its residents.

Bring back the fishing dress code ? ...

Ford Angling Club were regular visitors to South Oxfordshire (and South Stoke). This picture (from Chris Cade's collection - our thanks to him for this and several other photographs in this section) shows the immaculately turned out party (brought the ladies along to lay out the picnic I see) and the reverse gives some names - recognise anyone?

Ford Angling Club - suited and booted for a day's fishing
Some names from the past - did they visit South Stoke ?

... from the same club and era ...


The appropriately dressed men of the party gather for a quick pre-competition photograph.


Highlighted (black circle) thired from the left at the back is Arthur Cade - father of the current committee member Chris Cade.

Arthur Cade and friends from the Ford Angling Club were regular visitors to the waters of The Thames, including South Stoke

Click on any of the Ford Angling Club photos above to view a 'full screen' version.

... and the prizes were as magnificent as the attire !


5/- ('a crown' to you post decimal people = 25p) would be £6.43 today (and that's for 5th place)

(SOURCE: http://www.whatsthecost.com/cpi.aspx)

at a time when the UK average annual salary was £302.71 (£5.82 a week).. Chris' dad had just won 7 pints of beer.at then prevailing prices (explain that Alex !)

Nothing to do specifically with South Stoke or South Stoke Angling Club, but I stumbled across it while checking the numbers for the above item and rather liked it !

Nothing to do specifically with South Stoke or South Stoke Angling Club - but still interesting !

Returning to fishing (and 1950) ...

The National English Championship Angling Contest ran for many years under the aspices of the National Federation of Anglers. The National Federation of Anglers was absorbed into the Anglers Trust in January 2009 and the county v county format of The National English CHampionship AngContest seems to have disappeared.


Clicking on the carousel of pictures below will show full page extracts from the splendid 1950 brochure for the event, including details of the Oxford & District team (anyone recognise any names ?) and a personal welcome from The Mayor