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Chairman: Paul Stevens


Tel: 07917 863289


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South Stoke Angling is a simple and friendly organisation - and we don't wave the rule book about on a daily basis, but we do need a few basic rules to ensure:


  • safety


  • protection of the river environment


  • compliance with our insurance cover and any regulatory restrictions on fishing activities


  • that the club runs to the benefit of all members


  • that those taking part in competitions are able to compete on a level playing field


... we therefore publish:


  • South Stoke Angling Club Constitution






.... and the following reference guides:


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... on this site.



We would take this opportunity to draw to your attention some key items within those rules


South Stoke Angling restricts the use of live baiting on its waters at any times - anglers are not permitted to use fish (whole or part) previously caught in club waters as subsequent bait.


All fish caught on South Stoke Angling waters must be returned alive to the river unless identified as diseased - which should be destroyed and removed from the site (where possible under the supervision of the club bailiff Bill Stevens - 07881 838086 - or a Club committee member).


All persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult when on the South Stoke Angling's fishing stretch or attending any club organised event.