Match Rules


For a quiet and friendly place to fish on the Thames


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Chairman: Paul Stevens


Tel: 07917 863289


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Standard Club Matches


1. Only open to 'Fishing Members (including Concessionary Members)' whose membership fees are up to date and who also hold a current Fishing Rod Licence issued by the UK Environment Agency.


2. One rod only.


3. Club guidelines on 'live baiting' apply - namely, anglers are not permitted to use fish (whole or part) previously caught in club waters as subsequent bait.


4. Match fees (as published by the committee) must be paid before fishing commences.


5. The club fishing stretch is not available to non-competing members or visitors during the period of active competition fishing.




Special Conditions for Perch & Pike Trophy Match:


Normal rules (above) apply except that two rods may be used


... and rod and line must be used:

For those who are wondering .. its an arapaima being dragged out of the amazon

... diving in and wresting the bastards into submission is not permitted !